Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 16 - July 22 *22 Months and 4 Weeks Old*

I don't know where Beckett learned to eat a peanut butter sandwich recently, but this has got to be the messiest way possible.

Beckett got his second ever haircut this week. As you can see, it takes an entourage of people to make his hair look good. He wasn't a fan of the cape this time so that rules out any chance of being a superhero for Halloween.

Saturday we went to the zoo since the weather was so nice. It was the most perfect day to go.

Trying to fill up daddy's size 13s

Saturday evening we went to church and to Ruby Tuesday's to eat with Ryan's mom and step-dad. It is so tough to get everyone to look at the phone at the same time, but this was the best I could do. What a beautiful day!

I know it seems like we go to a birthday party every weekend. We pretty much do. Beckett loves these bounce parties. Stone and Kenzie are the most awesome and most polite kids ever :) My friend Amy's little girls - we want to bring home with us. Beckett was a little young for the craft portion, but mommy enjoyed painting the box. Finally, I got to see Shauna's little ones. Gives me baby fever again for a day or two.

When we got home we saw some neighbor kids had a lemonade stand set up. We had to go down there and support the small and local business. These kids were making a killing today!

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